Rooftop Solar Installations

Rooftop Solar Installations

Greensom EPC offers excellent services in the following areas:

  • Ground-mounted PV projects of all sizes (Small, Medium, and Large).

  • Solar Street Lighting projects.

  • On/Off-Grid Systems, including PV rooftops, Solar water well pumps, and Farm Electrification through green energy.

  • Solar power storage systems

  • Wind turbine installation and maintenance

  • Operations and maintenance (O/M) of projects of all sizes.

  • Greensom Energy Green Energy Engineering & Consultancy Greensom

Quality of our products:

We deliver highly efficient electrical products to our customers. Besides producing cheap green electricity, Greensom believes using durable, long-lasting products can also lower the cost of electric power. Thus, through our delivery services, our customers can get a high-quality electrical supply which Greensom keeps in stock in nearby locations for customer convenience.


  • Produces the lowest-priced electricity, which is affordable and easily accessible for all Somali communities.

  • Generates a low-cost industrial scale power to support a new industrial revolution in Somalia, thus accelerating economic growth and creating jobs for the youth.

  • Enables each household to have not only access to our low-cost electricity but to be able to sell power to others. Our affordable electricity replaces charcoal as cooking energy and contributes positively to the environment by curbing the unprecedented deforestation in Somalia.

  • Generates clean energy that decreases the dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to a sustainable solution to the severe impact of climate change in the Horn of Africa region.

  • Apply the highest standard of excellence to make Greensom products and services the most respected brand with a high-profit return for stakeholders.