About Us

About Us

Welcome to GREENSOM

Greensom is a Somalia-based green energy company that delivers sustainable solutions to the lack of electricity access problem facing the Somali community. Our primary focus is to utilize renewable energy sources to generate electricity that is affordable and accessible for all Somali communities and businesses. Greensom’s unparalleled priority is accelerating the adoption of green energy systems capable of generating enough power to support a new green electric-powered industrial revolution in Somalia, leading to fast economic growth, job creation, and environmental protection.In addition, playing a part in our ecosystem restoration, Greensom believes that it is not somebody else’s problem to solve our ecosystem crisis. Therefore, the current environmental issue in Somalia needs urgent attention, and Greensom is here to contribute to a sustainable solution.


Greensom leapfrogs to utilize the latest high-quality technologies from trusted manufacturers to change the traditional way of producing power. Greensom is set to achieve operational excellence by executing business strategies more effectively than competitors, continuously improving through a sustainable culture oriented towards earning customers’ trust.

1. Greensom consists of the following branches:

Company management
Quality control and risk analysis
Products supply & services, and customer consultations
An engineering and green energy projects consultant
Power plants O & M department,
And the Investment branch.


1. Independent Power Production (On/off-grid) – constructing a chain of renewable energy power plants (Small, Medium & Large), eventually connected to a Hi-tech Smart Power Grid Network across Somalia -- One project at a time.
2. Work on creating EPC -- Engineering, Procurement, and Consultancy–-- which offers excellent services to the following areas:
  • Ground-mounted PV projects of all sizes (Small, Medium, and Large).
  • Solar Street Lighting projects.
  • Wind turbine installation and maintenance.
  • Operations and maintenance (O/M) of projects of all sizes.

3. Our Energy Independence Value Proposition:

  • Green Energy is your primary energy source.
  • Reduce dependence on diesel fuel and charcoal.
  • Our smart grid enables any building to sell clean energy when tied to our smart grid.
  • Environmentally friendly energy storage technology.
  • Work on producing green energy, which makes economic sense.

4. Greensom offers sustainable solutions to the following Business Problems:

  • High cost of electricity and limited access to power by ordinary households.
  • Lack of industrial scale power production capacity to support any economic growth.
  • Lack of Power Grid Network
  • Unreliable electric power sector with constant unscheduled power outages.
  • Seasonal Outages
  • High cost of diesel energy
  • High Cost of Operations & Maintenance Diesel generators
  • Lack of Energy Independence
  • Environmental problems caused by charcoal dependence.

Greensom was founded in 2017 with a vision to establish green energy, which is easily accessible and affordable for all. Greensom is committed to serving the Horn of Africa energy sector passionately and honestly. We get projects done with great success because we’ve found that a cohesive team of engineers, procurement specialists, and construction professionals can provide a smoother project process, mitigate project development risk to the owner and deliver superior speed to the market. It’s not just the experience and relationships but the coordination of all facets of the project that makes the difference.

GREENSOM has an experienced team listening closely to our customers’ needs and managing every aspect of a project, from concept to completed facility. We pride ourselves on innovative problem-solving, unwavering safety programs, and attention to detail while taking a practical, common-sense approach to every component of our EPC services.

Sometimes a project may look perfect on paper, but it still needs a high level of expertise to merge the energy and rail components. Our team can “right-size” your project in terms of scope and cost-effectiveness and then synchronize the energy and rail sectors to deliver maximum efficiency and timely operational execution.