Greensom Turnkey Project Services

Greensom Turnkey Project Services

We procure, design, and construct all different types of green energy projects, including:

  • Solar power plants of all sizes.

  • Wind farm installation with Solar farm installation.

  • Irrigation solarization.

  • Wind farm installations.

  • Industrial mini-grid power plants.

  • Solarized water wells.

  • Rooftop institution buildings’ solar installations.

  • Rooftop solar installations for residential homes.

  • Donor-funded green energy projects.

First, we give free consultations and quotes to our clients, and then we have a timely fashion turnkey delivery method.  A turnkey project is a delivery method in which Greensom works with a project owner under a single contract to complete all project stages, from detail engineering through construction to the final stage of project completion, after which Greensom hands over the project to the owner. Moreover, Greensom offers lifetime maintenance to its clients.