Greensom is a corporate energy platform owned by its investors through shares, and we believe that Powering Progress creates wealth for our shareholders through our shares and dividends. In this way, we support our investors to grow financially bigger with the opportunity to invest flexibly in the company's fast-growing sectors.


We expect to provide strong profit returns for our investors with each calendar date. Our data analysis shows that investors will have their investments double every calendar year, provided all factors remain the same. We are transforming the way energy is produced and consumed in Somalia. Greensom plans to produce low-cost electricity from green energy sources.


Utilizing clean energy sources only, we will generate the energy Somalia needs today while increasing our investments in cleaner energy to expand our capacity across Somalia and the Horn of Africa region. At the same time, we will maintain financial discipline and a strong balance sheet so that our company remains strong, resilient, and ready to realize the opportunities in the energy transition, such as green hydrogen, which is on our next phase plan.


Greensom is committed to being very transparent in all data including investment and returns, and a quarterly report will be prepared for the investors. Greensom starts with one project and will continue to build a chain of PV power plants,Wind Farms, and smart grid networks. Furthermore, Greensom has the leading EPC in Somalia, tasked to procure, design, and construct PV power plants of all sizes and wind turbine installations. We are committed to importing the know-how of the latest technology available.

The Somalia’s Potential electricity demand in the early years of industrialization.